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PISA Harvesting Success: The Rise of Vanilla Cultivation in Haiti

In a groundbreaking development led by PISA, cacao smallholder farmers in Limbe, North Haiti, have ventured into the lucrative vanilla trade, marking a significant shift in their agricultural practices. Guided by the diligent efforts of PISA, which facilitated innovative pollination training last April, cacao farmers in the region are seizing upon a timely increase in vanilla production. These farmers witnessed a pivotal moment in December 2023, when they harvested their green vanilla beans for sale, a first-time opportunity for many.

Telfort Ganot shared his excitement, revealing how recent vanilla cultivation brought in additional revenue for him and his family this past December. “Inspired by this success, I expanded my vanilla plantation, while my wife ingeniously incorporated overripe beans into her - Chokola Peyi - local chocolate production, delighting customers with a unique flavor profile and attracting a growing


Beyond individual successes, PISA champions a broader vision of sustainable agroforestry, promoting diversified crops for both economic and environmental resilience. PISA's commitment to empowering farmers is exemplified by its support for vanilla production, a venture that not only generates income but also contributes to forest preservation and biodiversity conservation.

Moreover, PISA's efforts have transcended into recent export of three kilograms of Haitian vanilla to a

U.S. distributor. This milestone marks Haiti's inaugural entry into the U.S. vanilla market, a triumph made possible by the collaborative endeavours of PISA and partners like LUSH, building upon initiatives that started as early as 2008 through the USAID-funded DEED project.


Looking ahead, PISA through its Cacao and Vanilla Project in the North remains dedicated to expanding vanilla cultivation, with plans to introduce the crop to cacao farmers in the Acul du Nord area this year.

Anticipation is growing as existing vanilla plantations are ready for another promising year. Our team is gearing up preparations to accompany farmers for the upcoming flowering season in February 2024.

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