Unlock the power of partnership

Headquartered in Haiti, we are a global management firm with a proven record of successfully implemented projects.

who we are

Papyrus is a majority woman-owned management company headquartered in Haiti.

what we do

We connect local and international aspirations for greater equity and unity of purpose

We do it to unlock the power of partnerships, managing people and funds.

Our expertise extends beyond project management

From project management to comprehensive institutional capacity enhancing and accompaniment support, we ensure that our clients are equipped for sustainable growth and impact.

At Papyrus, our work and our teams are guided by the following foundational principles of engagement:

The Oneness of humanity is a fundamental truth. Growth occurs through collective learning and humility. We exist in an interrelated and interdependent environment. We strive for excellence with Integrity.

our values


We harness the power of our team and partners by collectively seeking solutions with courtesy and complete honesty. We are detached from our own views and understand that unity of purpose is more important than being right.

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We engage in self-reflection, active listening and seek feedback. We refrain from self-righteousness, criticism, and gossip, and are happy when our partners and colleagues succeed. We are all human and know that no country is inherently better than another.


We are positive in our attitude and words, realistic in our planning, and undeterred in the pursuit of our objectives. We have faith in ourselves, our team, and our partners and capitalize on obstacles to uncover opportunities.


We are reliable, on time, disciplined, and deliver on our commitments. We always tell the truth, and are ethical in our lives, dealings, and actions. We hold ourselves, our colleagues and our partners to the same standards.

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We know that partnership is key to scaling our impact. We invest time and energy in viable initiatives and embrace change and new approaches to deliver impact. We share knowledge and information broadly so everyone can advance.

Our Team

We have the right people, with the right values, in the right seats, accountable for their actions and eager to be working with our partners.

“Over the past five years, hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives due to a lack of preparation for hurricanes and earthquakes. Therefore, it was essential for me to train in DRR. Thanks to this training, I am actively working to reduce the loss of human lives during future natural disaster events.”

Marie Roselie Lacouture

Nurse and Trainer in Risk and Disaster Management

“When I saw the announcement that the MAIS project was looking to involve agricultural businesses as PAA, I immediately thought it aligned with the mission of Gerly Distribution. It was an opportunity for us to expand our services to producers and increase their profits.”

Yvette Marsan

CEO & Founder Gerly Distribution

“It's been a tough road, but Kako’s Kids has been a ray of hope for kids and communities. With support from CSSP through Konbit d’Experts, we're continuing to make dreams happen. That football tournament? Just the beginning. We're building communities one game at a time. We're not just playing games – we're changing lives.”

Jacques Bourjolly, Jr. "Kako"

CEO & Founder Kako Kids

“I am grateful that despite the drought's impact on my other crops, my vanilla vines unexpectedly bloomed. With the training I received, I can now care for them effectively and hopefully increase my income.”

Margarette Horard

Farmer from APROCANO in Limbé, Haiti

konbit d'experts

Konbit d'Experts offers a complimentary one- to two-hour consulting service, matching professionals in specific technical fields with representatives from organizations seeking short-term advice or coaching.
"Konbit" is a Creole word that signifies coming together for a common goal. Konbit d'Experts is powered by Papyrus and its network of partners and volunteers since 2015. Services have expanded this year with the support of the Civil Society Strengthening Program (CSSP) managed by Papyrus and founded by USAID.

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